Part of Mantell Gwynedd’s work is to give information and consult on policies that affect the third sector. We facilitate the representation of the sector on local collaborative groups and represent the sector on county and regional Strategic Partnerships.

Strategic Partnerships

• The Voluntary Sector and Gwynedd Council Liaison Group
• Health, Care and Well-being Network/Wellbeing Network of the Third Sector
Anglesey and Gwynedd Joint Public Service Board
• Locality Teams / Clusters

Networks, Fora and Other Groups

Mantell Gwynedd is also involved with many networks, fora and groups throughout the county. You are welcomed to contact us for further information.




North Wales has been split into 14 ‘localities’. A locality population is between about 30,000 and 50,000 people. This is felt to be the ideal population size for health, social care and community services to work together effectively to support residents.

Each locality will look at how community based services can work together to respond to the needs of residents. They are led by a locality team which includes amongst others, a local GP, social services and the voluntary sector as well as representatives from physiotherapy, children and mental health.

In Gwynedd, there are three areas, Arfon, Dwyfor and Meirionnydd, where these teams meet on a regular basis.

The main role of the Health, Social Care and Well-being Facilitator at these meetings is to ensure Third Sector perspective in discussions and local initiatives. A report will be presented on new developments or services being provided by third sector organisations in these areas.

The Health, Social Care and Well-being Facilitator is also a member of many strategic/partnership groups.

The Health, Social Care and Well-being Facilitator is also involved with numerous other initiatives and developments within the health, social care and well-being agenda.

If you want further information about any area of the work you are welcome to contact Sioned Larsen on