Youth Volunteering

If you are 14-25 years old and interested in volunteering, then you are at the right place!

What is a volunteer?

Volunteering means giving your time and skills to support individuals, organizations, the community and good causes. This can be volunteering or one day a week in a charity shop to spending a year helping children in disadvantaged areas in the world.

It is not the same as work experience for a certain period at a place of work. Instead, volunteers support organizations such as helping the environment, a local sports team or helping in hospitals.

What kind of volunteering do you want to do?

There are a number of volunteering opportunities available in these areas:

  • Office work
  • Environment
  • Sports
  • Raise money
  • Health and Social Care
  • Retail (shops)
  • Your local community
  • Youth work
  • Heritage
  • International volunteering
Gain skills

Employers, Universities and Colleges love if you are volunteering experiences! Volunteering shows that you have skills that you can transfer. Volunteering is fantastic to show on your CV and will help you to be different from other job applicants. Employers, Universities and Colleges are now looking for these experiences on your CV.

"Volunteering helped me towards getting a job and job interviews. There I've got a lot of experience and skills I have been able to put on my CV."

What next?

Go to the Volunteering Wales website to register and search for volunteering opportunities