What we can offer?

What we can offerSocial Value Cymru is a part of Mantell Gwynedd which supports the Third Sector in Gwynedd. Mantell Gwynedd is also a Social Value Partner to Social Value UK. We can provide support to measure and manage social value through advice and consultency services for organisations, public and private sectors across North Wales and beyond.

The service is led by Eleri Lloyd (Social Value Manager) a Social Value International Accredited Practitioner and can support you through the process of measuring and managing social value through to accreditation.

Our services:

  • Have you heard about social value or Social Return on Investment (SROI) but aren’t quite sure what it means?
  • Do you know that your organisation creates social value but are unsure how to measure it?
  • Would you like your team members to think about how their work creates social value for a range of stakeholders?

If you answered ‘yes’ to at least one of these questions, then the training from Social Value Cymru could be just want you need.
We can provide a practical half-day in-house introduction for members of your organisation: including staff, volunteers, trustees and directors – with the session tailored to your specific requirements.

The emphasis of the session is to de-mystify the key ideas,and to ensure that people leave with the practical knowledge to start measuring and managing social value in their own organisation.

What is social value?
Our activities undoubtedly create impacts other than financial returns. Whether it is changes to people’s health and wellbeing, strengthened communities, or reducing the pressure on public services, these are important outcomes of our work. Yet, we rarely measure these impacts and communicate them for ourselves and others in a way that is meaningful and helpful. Social value is therefore a broad term that is used to illustrate that we can capture value beyond just financial returns.

What is Social Return on Investment (SROI)?
SROI is a framework that places stakeholders and their experiences at the centre of a process that allows us to understand what has changed as a result of particular activities - and then value those changes. It is often said that a cynic knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing. Yet, what SROI does is allow us to place a value on those things that are important to people and organisations – and by doing so we are better able to manage and communicate the value of our activities.

Why measure social value?
Organisations in the third/voluntary sector undoubtedly create social value – but we are often the worst at celebrating this. We need to be better at this – it can help strengthen the accountability to our key stakeholders, improve relationships with our internal members, help us to create even more positive impacts, and emphasise our value to funders and commissioners. Recent changes to legislation in Wales, such as the Social Services & Well-being (Wales) Act and the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act also creates opportunities for the third sector, and social value can help make our voice heard.

Interested in an introduction to social value & SROI?
Social Value Cymru is led by a Social Value International Accredited Practitioner and is a member of Social Value UK. We have experience in delivering training, support and evaluation services to third sector organisations in Wales. We are very flexible and happy to tailor any package to suit your needs.

For more information please contact
Eleri at eleri@mantellgwynedd.com or call 01286 672626

"I got so much out of the training – I loved the way that you took us through the process – it made us all think hard and this showed that we had a better understanding. Thank you – it was a good introduction to social value.”

Information coming soon...

We can deliver training workshops to suit your specific needs, and can include:

  • Introduction to social value;
  • Understanding what social value is;
  • How to measure social value?
  • Identification of existing benchmarks, standards and outcomes frameworks;
  • Practical exercises to facilitate understanding on how to measure the social value of your organisation’s activities, including mapping stakeholders & mapping the theory of change.
  • Introduction to managing social value including an introduction to the toolkit for organisations;
  • More work on the value map;
  • How to use data to maximise your social impact;
  • Best practice exercise

All training is carried out by social value practitioners with substantial experience and led by a Social Value International Accredited Practitioner.

To find out more get in touch via 01286 672 626 or contact eleri@mantellgwynedd.com


Mantell Gwynedd has developed a Measuring and Managing Your Social Value organisational handbook to support you in your work. This is suitable for managers and Trustees in the Third Sector, local authorities and other organisations to assist in better decision making.

This one day training is suitable for participants that have completed either one or two day Social Value training.
This workshop will focus on:

  • Better understand the impacts of your work
  • How to apply the impact questions
  • How social value can assist decision making
  • Setting social impact targets and monitoring on-going results

Handbook coming soon...

“This session has been invaluable in cascading my understanding of measuring per se” - North Wales Measure and Manage your Social Value Project participant


With our dedicated team, we can work with you to help you measure and manage your social impacts by applying the principles of social value and social return on investment (SROI).

We at Social Value Cymru have experience of working with stakeholders to understand what has changed in their lives, and through active listening we will identify the range of important outcomes that your work helps to create for people and organisations. We are then able to value these important changes and provide forecast and/or evaluation assessments of the overall social value created.

We can help to support you at any stage of a project: from design and planning; during delivery, or at its’ conclusion. We would always work with you to understand your particular needs - below is a list of some of the particular services we can offer;

  • Planning your outcome measurement – understanding what to measure is important to ensuring that you can tell the story of your work;
  • Setting up the necessary systems & processes to measure and manage social value – measuring social value as a project is being delivered provides you with the chance to learn what is working and where improvements can be made throughout the project;
  • Social value forecast measurements – we can measure and value the predicted social impacts of your work. Doing so can allow you to strengthen funding applications, and manage the social value created throughout the project;
  • Social value evaluation – measuring the social value created by a project as it progresses, or after its conclusion is essential to understanding the overall contribution of your work. This can strengthen subsequent projects and funding applications.


“The evaluation carried out by Mantell Gwynedd has enabled us to provide evidence as to the social value and impact the Change Step project has on veterans, their families and the communities they live in. From a quality perspective it has also reassured us that the work we do has an impact not only from a financial perspective but also that it breeds confidence in our service provision and those who commission our service. As a third sector organisation, which is reliant on grant funding, this level of evaluation is essential for ongoing sustainability and developing new services. The customer care aspect demonstrated by Mantell Gwynedd was second to none and their grasp of our project from the outset was very impressive”

Geraint Jones, Director of Partnerships and Development for CAIS Cyf.

Read the CAIS report by clicking here


For further information contact us:
01286 672 626